Welcome to Imperator Mos
Imperator Mos is a mature guild of existing friends and family from all over the world with a low tolerance for "drama".

1: Although our primary language is English many of our members are not and will have to inter-translate everything so please bare this in mind when talking to guild members from other country's, some thing you might take in offence may simply be a bad translation.

2: We will not accept abusive behavior towards other players such behavior will be subject to our "strike policy", and any such behavior towards guild or alliance members may be considered an extreme case "see rule 6".

3: We are not a role play guild although we have no problem with any one wishing to do so, just don't expect members to be interested, we are more of PvP and end game content guild.

4: We do not accept griefing of other players, members caught doing so will be subject to our "strike policy",
however we do believe in revenge should you be subject to griefing the guild will back you up and in extreme cases if the decision is made after all information is received, counter the attack.

5: We operate a three strike policy for member removal.
1st warning: Private communication to the member from a council member.
2nd warning: Private communication and email from a council member.
3rd warning: Your gone /kicked

6: In extreme cases the council reserve the right to instantly remove any member causing "drama" or "abuse" with out warning !

7: Try to be helpful to other guild & allience members when possible, remember what go's around come's around if you help others your more likely to receive help in return, this is an important fact for us and is what we believe makes a guild strong.

8: If you have any problems with other members please contact a council member and not to start "drama" in guild chat or you could be subject to the "strike policy" we will do our best to fix the problem.

9: We fully understand the members will wish to try out republic characters at some point, but we ask that your 1st main character be Imperial.

Have fun ! this is why we are all here if you have any ideas or things you would like to share feel free to post on our forums.